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Mein erster Blog Beitrag ist ein Erfahrungsbericht von meiner Kundin, die mir sehr am Herzen liegt. Sie ist eine Kämpfer Natur, Mutter von vier Kindern mit grossem Herz und eine Power Frau. Ich danke ihr dafür so wie sie ist und das sie immer vorwärts geht. Hier ihr Bericht:

Rachel says: To whomever is reading this and wondering whether to hire Michael:

Michael Saxer (Coach Saxer) is a personaltrainer/coach who exudes expertise, knowledge, motivation, determination, passion, energy, positivity and that rare quality of emotional understanding. His attention to his client’s needs and wants are so focused that he is able to adapt training and nutrition plans not only on a monthly/quarterly basis but also on a day-to-day basis depending on how his client is feeling on that specific day. The reason that he can do this is because he can read his clients so well that he can feel what they need at that specific moment in time. A personaltrainer/coach who exhibits all of these qualities is a unique find and if you are lucky enough to find it, it is something that will change your life forever.

The unique and expert way in which Coach Saxer works with you gives you the determination, motivation and desire to keep training. He gives you the belief that you can do anything you like – you have just got to try it. There are no such words as “I can’t do it” in Coach Saxer’s vocabulary and after a while there are no such words in your vocabulary either. Anything becomes possible and that feels so good and so powerful.

Whether through individual training, group training, strength training, boxing training, nutritional/life coaching or all of those things together – Coach Saxer ignites the spark that is inside each and everyone of us and keeps on igniting it until it is burning so brightly that you have the self-belief, self-determination and self-motivation necessary to keep that fire burning inside you, all by yourself.

Two years ago I was an un-toned, slightly overweight, unfulfilled, unmotivated, restless, tired woman with no visible muscles, a very wobbly butt, major bingo wings, on the wrong side of 40 years old with the most unhealthy diet you can possibly imagine and exercise felt like a chore when I did it (which wasn’t very often). I had also not worn shorts in over 20 years – sounds like a small thing but in the hot summers – shorts are pretty special!

Today I am even more on the wrong side of 40 years old but I am healthy, my diet is nutritious, my skin glows and my eyes shine. I am toned, I have muscles, I have lost 15kg and I feel good in my skin. My butt doesn’t wobble so much and my bingo wings have gone. I have been able to achieve things that 2 years ago I would never have believed I could do. I have completed my first triathlon in a respectable time, I have knocked 17 minutes off my pb for 10k, I can push and pull 240kg on the gym sled, I lift weights, I can box and I love exercise. And yes, this summer I rocked the shorts look! I have ambition, I have drive, I have strength, I have determination, I have self-belief and I have goals…lots of them. All because I met Coach Saxer.

So, if you are asking yourself whether or not you should hire Coach Saxer – the answer is an easy yes – he is a unique and precious gift to the fitness world and one which you will never want to give up once you’ve got it.

Kind regards

Rachel Doell (insta: racheldoell1810 #duracellbunny)

Coach Saxer / Rachel Doell / #buracellbunny

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